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Within a Team I’ve developed a complex high-end construction technology that reduces: time of erecting a building, the cost of labor, and the waste of materials on construction sites. 


Our combined technology increases performance by up to 2x and saves the environment. By using UCP, we can save up to 40% of the total costs for a building.


We have the idea, a plan and a product, but even if we had no idea and no concept, we have put together the right TEAM, and the results will follow!

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Why to choose our ICO(s)?

Bitleu – Your future in secure ICO investments 1. Regulatory Oversight We all know that at this time (January 2018), most ICOs are not bound by any legal requirements to[…]

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Market Capitalization Market capitalization refers to the total dollar value of a company’s outstanding shares. This value is useful for determining a company’s worth or potential. Cryptography Cryptography alters data[…]

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BTL Backed by Real Estate, Construction, Hospitality & Travel

BTL -> Blockchain Technology Leader We are BTLR – The Blockchain Technology Cryptocurrency Backed by Real Estate, Construction Hospitality & Travel Investments Today we are Austrocasa International Group – the[…]

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