3D Printed Homes

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3D Printed Homes

3D printed homes

3D Printing Technology

Volens nolens, we’ve started already to live in a construction era of 3D printed disruptive & sustainable housing! At our company, we are working to design high-end versatile RoboVAST 3D Printer for building sustainable homes, offices and stores, a machine that enables us to synchronize the entire house building operations into one place, operated by one man!

Imagine that an entrepreneur can build personalized homes with simple or sophisticated shapes for any of his/her customers, according to their dreams and desires. Imagine that there is no waste of materials on the site, and the printer could save its owner a lot of time and thousands of dollars a year. We have developed such a product and we already have started to build a prototype – DesignVAST 3D Printer – almost ready to test.

Through using xLam and 3D printing construction technology, we mean to eliminate almost totally today’s residential and commercial construction problems:
• Automatically inserting in the walls the electrical installations and plumbing fixtures.
• Finding well educated and civilized workforce is one of the hardest tasks for a builder; instead of paying and managing a huge number of workers, we only need few well trained operators and one construction site manager! We have them both.
• WYSIWYG – There are no differences between blueprints and the implementation. What you see on the print (CAD design) is what you get on the construction site!
• Building a house in old standard style requires too long time; with our technology and printers we reduce it by at least 70%!
• Finally, the most motivating aspect for entrepreneurs and investors in residential and commercial projects: at least 40% decrease of the construction cost, while obtaining superior quality houses and buildings!

Now we can add here the fact that blockchain technology helps us and you as BTL owner to make money by implementing this technology ro our already used high tech industrial technologies and systems.