3D Printers

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3D Printers

Construction 3D Printers:

We are developing Imprint3D Builder’s 3D printers for fast erection of houses and commercial buildings on construction sites.

Imprint3D-1000 Brick Maker

– For 3D printed bricks and architectural models (layouts).

Imprint3D-5500 House Builder

– Small and medium size fast house construction.
– Height: 2-story houses and commercial buildings.
– Print area: from 5×5 = 25 m2 up to hundred meters of inline houses.
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Imprint3D-Ø8000 Mobile House Builder

– Fast, reliable, flexible, transportable and easy to use 3D printer for up to 2-store buildings.

House Builder’s 3D Printer S-6044-L

House Builder’s 3D Printer S-6044-L Description