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Innovation in Architecture, Construction, Real Estate and Transportation

Why a 3D Printed House?

People’s Style of Building a House In the Design Phase… You make a sketch, then erase everything and start to build without a plan and blueprint. The result? Quite different than expected… usually a much bigger house than you need and costs are at least double! Classical Style… You build brick plus concrete heavy construction,…
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Future Construction Machinery, Heavy Equipment Concept

Construction and mining equipment: Doosan concept excavator, Volvo future excavator, future bulldozer, concept wheel loader, future truck, concept truck crane, Hyundai construction equipment concept, future machines, amazing construction machinery.

Carbon frame design for automotive body

Intrado concept car based on carbon-fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) tubes. “Floating” centre console beam connects passenger compartment and powertrain with carbon frame. Hyundai Motor Company, in cooperation with Lotte Chemical, Hyosung Corporation and Axon Automotive, has developed an innovative carbon frame for the automotive body of the Intrado concept car. This innovation is also the…
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3d print directly with pelletized materials

Open Source Pellet Extruder Universal Pellet Extruder brings pellet 3D printing close to people. Many 3D printer users are used to buy large rolls of filament, but how about ditching the rolls of filament for plastic pellets?! As always, RichRap wants to maintain his project as part of the open-source community. So, all of the…
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Scoot Quad – the First Four-Wheel Vehicle

Sarah Buhr meets with Mike Waltman, VP of Fleet at Scoot, to check out the Quad. Scoot, the San Francisco-based electric scooter ride share network, has teamed up with Nissan to create a four-wheeled two-seater enclosed vehicle onto the streets of San Francisco. Starting today, Scoot members have the option to rent one of these…
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FLEX 3D Printing technology allows users to print directly with pelletized materials

FLEX Technology Fused Layer Extrusion (FLEX) 3D Printing technology allows users to print directly with pelletized materials – this means vastly more material options than many current 3D printers, at a significantly reduced cost. At its core, FLEX is inspired by proven technology from the plastics industry, but with new features and innovations that make…
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Health and Safety in Our Homes

Scientific evidences demonstrate solid relations between housing and health. We are developing, testing, and implementing effective interventions that yield health benefits through improved housing quality. Many factors influence health and safety in our homes, including structural and safety aspects of the home (how the home is designed, constructed, and maintained; its physical characteristics; and the…
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Anti-gravity Object Modeling

MATAERIAL is a patent-pending new method of additive manufacturing which allows for creating 3D objects on any given working surface independently of its inclination and smoothness, without a need of additional support structures. Conventional methods of additive manufacturing are affected both by gravity and by printing environment. By using innovative extrusion technology Mataerial team is…
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Next 3D Printers

Step 1 – Imprint3D DOME 3D Printer Link: Details: We have composite clay recipes already; after finishing manufacturing of our mobile printer, we will test again by printing different shapes and building small 3D printed Domes. Step 2 – 3D Printed Residential and Social Homes and Domes Link: Details: Project developed in partnership…
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