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Innovation in Architecture, Construction, Real Estate and Transportation

Micro Factories

About Micro Factories Microfactory refers to a small dimension factory able to manufacture goods. The term was proposed by the ME Laboratory of Japan in 1990. A Microfactory saves great amount of resources like space, energy, materials and time. Due to their reduced dimensions, Microfactories use local workforce, serves community creating jobs, and also can…
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EVoyaj Concept

Concept of EVoyaj – Dematerialized, 3D Printed Solar Electric Modular Car NOT SO: BUT SO: Image Courtesy of Local Motors

Mission and Vision

We believe that 3D printing is the beginning of a third industrial move, succeeding but not replacing the production line assembly that dominated manufacturing for centuries! Using the power of the Internet and CAD programs, it is possible to send a blueprint of any product to any place in the world to be replicated by…
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Evoyaj Project

Concept | Design | Prototype | Production EVoyaj – 3D Printed Solar Electric City Car Project An Open Source Project Advisory Team: Engineers and Teachers from The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Iasi. Design & Engineering Team: Imprint Tech and GrabCAD Engineers and Designers. Design Contest: Organized by Imprint Tech and GrabCAD. Design Principles: –…
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Automotive 3D Printing

3D Printing of Automotive Parts, Chassis and Mini Cars Design and images courtesy of Victor Ragusila, University of Toronto, Canada Images below are only for your view and enjoy the eyes but the final design pictures and renderings will be posted as the design of the car is developed.

Imprint3D i3 – Prusa i3 3D Printer

Imprint3D i3 – Auto leveling & Height Detection Model Prusa i3 is a proven design with tens of thousands users all around the planet. Now you have a great opportunity to buy our Imprint3D i3, sixth generation model. All parts of this 3D printer are Open Source and are part of the RepRap project. Our…
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DIY Kit BuildersBot Fuses 3D Printing and CNC Milling into One Builder’s dream. The BuilderBot is an Open Design machine, that uses Open Software and Open Hardware. It is a product of open projects such as the RepRap, Arduino and Repetier.

Builder’s 3D Printing Association

When you invest in the Association of 3D Printing and the 3D Printing Channel at the highest levels, you are investing in a vision for the future of 3D Printing, a vision you help create. Your investment provides the collective power needed to bring about change and influence issues that are vital to our ability…
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Next 3D Printers

Step 1 – Imprint3D DOME 3D Printer Link: Details: We have composite clay recipes already; after finishing manufacturing of our mobile printer, we will test again by printing different shapes and building small 3D printed Domes. Step 2 – 3D Printed Residential and Social Homes and Domes Link: Details: Project developed in partnership…
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3D Printers – Future Development

Professional 3D Printers S Series 3D Printers: – Imprint3D-S500 CNC Kit Industrial 3D Printers: L Series 3D Printers: – Imprint3D-L755 CNC Multiprint – Imprint3D-L1000 Brick Builder XL Series 3D Printers: – Imprint3D-XL2000 Industrial – Imprint3D-XL3000 Automotive XXL Series 3D Printers: – Imprint3D-XXL5000 Builder – Imprint3D-XXL Ø8000 Mobile Builder Construction 3D Printer variable: House Builder’s 3D…
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