An Army of Robots Building as a Unit

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An Army of Robots Building as a Unit

An army of robots are involved in 33d printing building unit by the Institute of Advance Architecture of Catalonia.

This is a new concept and quite possibly points the way forward for the industry. Instead of one large printer, the Minibuilders use an army of smaller machines that are the size of desktop printers. The biggest is just 42cm, but these printers can create skyscrapers.

One machine lays the foundations before a second machine is clamped on to the small wall to build it up to any height we need.

The machines are easy to transport, the construction company can use as many as it wants and they can even hang upside down and print a ceiling. Unlike builders, they can also work round the clock.

It is a serious breakthrough and removes the logistical problems of putting a huge printer on site. It means they can work anywhere, from remote and poverty-stricken areas through to the most crowded city landscape.

Watch this closely, it could shape the industry.

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