Artificial Intelligence

Innovation in Architecture, Construction, Real Estate and Transportation

AIAI Project – IoT, AI & ML Applications in Construction

In order to maximize safety and efficiency on construction site, AI Team considers using the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Internet of Things (IoT) in its Construction and Real Estate business, as follows:

1. AI Construction site environment monitoring (start at first month of 2019):
1.1 ESSS Project = Employees & Subcontractor Supervision and Safety (including drones and video technology).
1.2 Artificial Intelligence Applied to Site Maintenance.

2. Artificial Intelligence applied to Autonomous Equipment (summer 2019). The equipment to be considered applying AI/ML/IoT:
2.1 X-Lam Production Line
2.2 RoboVAST 3D Printer for Construction
2.3 Bricklayer Robot
2.4 Drywall Installer Robotv
2.5 Autonomous Rebar-Tying Robot
2.6 AI Applied to AI Block Apartments

3. Artificial Intelligence applied to Risk Management (quarter 1, 2020).
4. Artificial Intelligence applied to Planning & Design Management ( 2021).
5. AI applied to Residential and Commercial Real Estate Transactions (2023).