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Sustainable block apartments

Block Apartments

BTL Asset: Block Apartments [BTLA] Click here to read Whitepaper! There will be a total of __________ apartments; a number of ____________ have already been sold in traditional currencies and the remaining will be allocated for bitleu holders. – Studio apartments price starts from ____________ BTL and early investors will be given additional bonuses. –…
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Sustainable buildings

Sustainable Buildings

Austrocasa International – We own a sustainable building company of passive and energy efficient homes in Iasi, Romania, and have the appropriate team and know-how to apply sustainable building solutions. Our project refers to construction of energy efficient green buildings including multidisciplinary sectors – from planting trees for raw materials and clean energy sources to…
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3D printed homes

3D Printed Homes

3D Printing Technology Volens nolens, we’ve started already to live in a construction era of 3D printed disruptive & sustainable housing! At our company, we are working to design high-end versatile RoboVAST 3D Printer for building sustainable homes, offices and stores, a machine that enables us to synchronize the entire house building operations into one…
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