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The 3D Printing Welder

Steel this printer Michigan Tech scientists build an affordable 3D metal printer Until recently, 3D printing has been a polymer affair, with most people printing out plastic consumer goods ranging from tent stakes to chess sets. Joshua Pearce and his team have built a printer that could add hammers to that list. Using under $1,500…
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3D Printer’s Twist May Shape Homebuilding

Moving along a 33-foot-long rail, a large, industrial-scale robot works with a 3D printer to extrude plastic and carbon-fiber that forms an intricate lattice that will become the core of a wall, a task that may open home building and other structures to new and cheaper construction methods. The rapid development of 3D printing, digital,…
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Bio Concrete – 3D Printed Material

Self-healing of Concrete by Bacterial Mineral Precipitation Image courtesy of Repairing cracks in concrete structures is a time consuming, costly but necessary business. TU Delft is researching how the self-healing capacity of concrete structures can be improved by using calcite-precipitating bacteria and what conditions are necessary for these bacteria to thrive. Crack prevention Although…
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An Army of Robots Building as a Unit

An army of robots are involved in 33d printing building unit by the Institute of Advance Architecture of Catalonia. This is a new concept and quite possibly points the way forward for the industry. Instead of one large printer, the Minibuilders use an army of smaller machines that are the size of desktop printers. The…
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Crazy Magic Stone

What is Crazy Magic Stone? Patent mixture technology, proceed flexible stone material, with its raw material silica and silicate mixed with special fiber and green nanometer additive. Crazy Magic Stone is a new type of artificial stone material that can replace traditional stone in construction decoration. It is made from nature material and can be…
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Why a 3D Printed House?

People’s Style of Building a House In the Design Phase… You make a sketch, then erase everything and start to build without a plan and blueprint. The result? Quite different than expected… usually a much bigger house than you need and costs are at least double! Classical Style… You build brick plus concrete heavy construction,…
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A Robot that Grows the Food You Need

A Robot That Grows All The Food You Need In Your Own Backyard. Planting and maintaining your own vegetable garden just got extremely easy now. Source: Bored Panda

Clay extruder cleaning

Cleaning a LUTUM® extruder step by step If the extruder has been idle for a while and you just want to clean the auger, skip from the moment where the auger is detached from the motor. Just put some new grease on the smooth part of the auger and reattach it to the 3dprinter. LUTUM®…
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Future Construction Machinery, Heavy Equipment Concept

Construction and mining equipment: Doosan concept excavator, Volvo future excavator, future bulldozer, concept wheel loader, future truck, concept truck crane, Hyundai construction equipment concept, future machines, amazing construction machinery.

Clay used with the Lutum extruders

The power of material use is a combination of physical appearance, its mechanical properties and the solution used for. Clay mixing The best clay to start with is Stoneware clay which needs to be mixed with water depending on nozzle size, print shape and cartridge size you have a wide variety of mixes you can…
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