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Why to choose our ICO(s)?

Bitleu – Your future in secure ICO investments 1. Regulatory Oversight We all know that at this time (January 2018), most ICOs are not bound by any legal requirements to issue any form of legal documentation. In the form of a white paper is often conceived by the developing team to outline key information of…
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Market Capitalization Market capitalization refers to the total dollar value of a company’s outstanding shares. This value is useful for determining a company’s worth or potential. Cryptography Cryptography alters data in such a way that it is not readable to person without the correct level of clearance to access the data. Cryptocurrency address An address…
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BTL Backed by Real Estate, Construction, Hospitality & Travel

BTL -> Blockchain Technology Leader We are BTLR – The Blockchain Technology Cryptocurrency Backed by Real Estate, Construction Hospitality & Travel Investments Today we are Austrocasa International Group – the Leaders in Real Estate and Construction Business in Iasi, Romania – Munchen, Germany – and the City of London. Tomorrow we are BTLR – the…
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Mining Hardware

The Most Common Cryptocurrency Mining Algorithms Mining Scrypt Algorithm Scrypt algorithm requires large amounts of memory and we design it to perform high security and mining performane. Bitleu Scrypt algorithm is more simple and quicker than the SHA-256 algorithm used for Bitcoin and its hash rate (measured by KH/s) is high performance. Scrypt algorithm mining…
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BTL Business

Our main business is related to Real Estate Development in Romania, Germany and United Kingdom. Bitleu cryptocurrency will be used as payment method in our companies. We develop now a residential property in Iasi, Romania and own few properties in Munchen, also planning to buy properties in the City of London in March 2018. Residences…
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BTLR Prospectus

Prospectus for BTL Asset: – Rental Services > BTLR We will have separate whitepapers for each asset (business plan) White paper content: 1 – BTL [Bitleu Technology Lions] – The Team Members; 2 – Problem; 3 – Proposed solution; 4- Product description; 5 – Description of the token commercialization (product interaction with economy and technical…
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Companies accepting BTL as payment

List of Companies Who Accept Bitleu [BTL] as Payment Real Estate & Construction Austrocasa International, RO Crystal Residence, RO High-Tech Ludor Engineering Financial & Fintech WEETAS Fintech Invest, UK London Blockchain Exchange, UK Alpha Bank, GR Hotels, motels, hostels, airbnb type companies Pensiunea Crystal, Iasi, RO Green Energy…
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BTL Roadmap