BTL Backed by Real Estate, Construction, Hospitality & Travel

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BTL Backed by Real Estate, Construction, Hospitality & Travel

BTL -> Blockchain Technology Leader

We are BTLR – The Blockchain Technology Cryptocurrency Backed by Real Estate, Construction Hospitality & Travel Investments

Today we are Austrocasa International Group – the Leaders in Real Estate and Construction Business in Iasi, Romania – Munchen, Germany – and the City of London.
Tomorrow we are BTLR – the future Blockchain Technology Leaders in the Multidisciplinary Real Estate, Construction Hospitality & Travel Industries!

Bilteu, as a Blockchain Real Estate, Hospitality and Construction Company adopts new approaches to address regulatory requirements and financial risks, while meeting the challenges of expanding globally and achieving sustainable growth.

Now more than ever, the world has not only gotten so much smaller, but new worlds are opening up–new fields and new paradigms, converging and forming VAST new avenues for collaboration. Such intersections can bring challenge into traditional patterns and long-held attitudes in fields like ours and others.

Life is not just one thing; it has many layers and facets. And just as with life, so it is in our business. The situations and problems that businesses face today are multidisciplinary, and thus require interdisciplinary solutions.

Few years ago, who would think that Blockchain, Real Estate, Hospitality and Construction could go together? But they do. Our multidisciplinary practice has the ability to mobilize teams of seasoned professionals to address complex and demanding challenges and provide seamless service on a global basis. Are you ready to break ground? Let us help you better understand some of the key challenges facing the industry we are in, including those described below.

Real Estate Pre-Seed Capital

With fewer financing options available on the market, through our Group of companies, we help you creating and building a startup company – beginning with your idea (pre-seed) – and raise later (IPO or ICO). We also offer investors to create new investment portfolios or to provide owners and investors with the opportunity to liquidate their holdings. For more info on our Pre-Seed Capital option visit our Center of Excellence in the field.

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