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CNC DIY Kit – 40W CO2 Laser Cutter & Engraver, 700x600mm Work Area

3990 Euro, no VAT, + shipping.

CNCKit 1) Basic Kit
X 40W CO2 Laser Cutting and Engraving Kit
This is the basic kit for the 40W CO2 Laser Cutter. It includes the structure, hardware, and laser components. Buyer need to add an interface and choose your required power to have a complete kit.

2) Choose An Interface
A. X Parallel Breakout Board The Parallel Interface requires a parallel port and cable. It includes a USB cable for 5V power. This is required for running Mach3 Software.

B. Laser Control Unit (Replaces Breakout Board and Integrated Computer) This control unit is designed to be mounted directly on the machine. It runs with a program called LaserCAD. This system will allow you to control the intensity of the laser through the software. The Parallel and USB options will run the laser machine through CNC software, but laser intensity has to be controlled manually.

C. X USB Controller – Requires Planet-CNC Software The USB Interface will connect through a standard USB port on any PC. This board is only compatible with Planet-CNC CNC Control Software.

3) Choose Your Power
>> 220V OR 110V Power Supply.

4) Integrated Computer
X Integrated Computer for use with Parallel or USB Interface This option equips the blackTooth laser with an integrated PC featuring a 1TB Hard Drive and 2 GB of RAM. buyer need to install his own Operating System. This is for running the blackTooth through CNC software like Mach3 (Parallel) or Planet-CNC (USB).

5) Add-On
>> X Generic Laser CO2 Protective Goggles
These goggles are made to help protect your eyes from the wavelength(s) of the laser. Please always make sure you are wearing protective eyewear when running our blackTooth. The appearance of these goggles may differ from the image of frame color.

We have been developing a CNC system, low cost and easy to use machine, a 40W CO2 Laser system intended for space saving and large work area of 700x600mm. This is possible due to the way we designed the gantry and tube position. The blackTooth will be provided in kit form. Of course, this will come with the usual precautions of using and aligning lasers, which can be really dangerous if not done correctly and safely.

Kit buyer has the option to choose between a 110V and 220V power supply based on your countries power specifications.

The software to control the laser system will depend on the option purchased. If the USB version is purchased, you will need to purchase the planet-cnc software license. The parallel version and the integrated computer version, you have an option of using mach3, or linuxcnc.

To create designs, there are many programs out there, but in general, you will need a CAD (SketchUp, AutoCAD, etc.) and CAM (CAMBAM, BobCAM, RhinoCAM, etc.) program. There are programs out there that will create g-code from pictures, generate cad geometry (.dxf) from artwork which are great uses for engraving. With CAD and CAM, you have infinite possibilities to engrave and cut whatever you can imagine.

New: blackTooth with Integrated Laser Control Unit

We are now offering the blackTooth with an integrated Laser Control Unit. You will be able to design on your own computer and import the finished file directly into the control unit and run it from the machine. You will also be able to control speed and power within the software. If you are choosing this option we will contact you to make sure you have the appropriate links for wiring and setup as well as software for this unit.

Heavy caution must be considered with many aspects of lasers such as this. The lasing beam of this laser is invisible and cannot be seen by the human eye and materials being lased by may emit gasses that are harmful to humans. Always read the Material Safety Data Sheet for the material to be lased.