Crazy Magic Stone

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Crazy Magic Stone

What is Crazy Magic Stone? Patent mixture technology, proceed flexible stone material, with its raw material silica and silicate mixed with special fiber and green nanometer additive.

Crazy Magic Stone is a new type of artificial stone material that can replace traditional stone in construction decoration. It is made from nature material and can be recycled. Though using advanced scientific technology,adding special fiber and specially treated silica sand, Crazy Magic Stone is 4-5 times of natural stone in strength and abrasion resistance. It is wildly used in the construction of building interior and exterior floors, walls and roofs.

It super features are high strength, anti-bending, free size and large specification. Yingchuang has developed and researched its own production lines for it, with one production line producing 10000 square meters of such stones in one day. Up to now, Crazy Magic Stone has been successfully applied in famous projects, such as Beijing Phoenix Satellite Television Media Center, Shenzhen Huawei Headquarter,COFCO Estate and Nike Flagship Stroe.

1. Shock Strength is more than 4 times of National Standard for stone materials.
2. Min. thickness only 6 mm, suitable to form various effects for plane plates and relief plates. For plane plates, the surface can be smooth, litchi and velvet.
3. Very good wear-resisting and skid resistance. We have done experiments by using a coin scratching the surface, not any trace. The more water ,the better skid resistance .
4. Rich in color and perfect durability.
5. Various installation methods, according to specific architectural structures, we can adopt different ways: Drying hanging, Stamping, Lap-jointing, etc.
Sticking installation way can save 50% cost:
Reconstruction of old building in function and appearance could be accessed in one step.
6. No pollution, made from natural material and can be recycled, not like natural stone’s exploring and processing which will bring high-carbon and heavy pollution.
7. Fast production time makes sure delivery on time: one production line can be defined as one mine, one person one day on one production line, can produce 10000 square/m2 such stone.
8. Higher cost-effective products than golden sandstone, and can replace expensive materials such as Australian sand-stones compared to which it is of better equality and cheaper.

Crazy Magic Stone


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