Evoyaj Project

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Evoyaj Project

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EVoyaj – 3D Printed Solar Electric City Car Project

An Open Source Project

Advisory Team: Engineers and Teachers from The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Iasi.
Design & Engineering Team: Imprint Tech and GrabCAD Engineers and Designers.
Design Contest: Organized by Imprint Tech and GrabCAD.

Design Principles:

Electro and solar mobility as partial solution to environmental problems.
Safety: A strong, reinforced body, lightweight vehicle.
Open Source: Vehicle designed by GrabCAD engineers or teams, reducing cost and time of vehicle design and prototyping.
MicroFactory: Vehicles built by small businesses in Micro Factories: new and existing regional Automobile manufacturers that are operating in niche markets.
Dematerialization: Manufacturing 3D printed cars that use less material and energy. Through dematerialization and 3D printing we MUST design very low number of parts- the challenge is under 40 !

There is already a precedent with Strati car:
low number of parts
Image Courtesy of Local Motors

Visit Concept page and Design details