Fiberglass Insulation Blowing Machine

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Fiberglass Insulation Blowing Machine

Insulation Blowing MachineThe Intec Fiber Force is a fiberglass insulation blowing machine for the small contractor or the DIY householder. The machine is polyethylene (or 3D printed ABS) constructed and comprised of two pieces all weighing under 68 kg (150lbs). The base has numerous handles and 25 cm (10″) wheels allowing the fiber machine to be very mobile. Also included is a wireless remote-attached to hose, making operation from the attic easier without the requirement of dragging a cord with you.

Complete Portability: The 2 piece design, lightweight and built in handles and wheels provide the ability to transport in almost any vehicle and access any job site. The removable hopper has a hinged shelf to simplify product loading while minimizing aisle and transportation space requirements.

High Production Rates: One hour install of cellulose or fiberglass in a 140 square meter (1500 square foot) attic is made possible by its high production rates.

– Built-in GFCI protection
– Hinged Loading Tray
– Light and Portable
– Removable Hopper
– Lift Handles
– Twist Lock power cord
– Wireless Remote
– Dual agitation system
– Polyurethane seals (long lasting)
– Easy clean filter

Do-It-Yourself portable insulation machine:
– Polyethylene or 3D printed ABS construction: lightweight, rust-free, and extremely durable.
– Quick-connect hose connectors.
– Slide gate enables blow behind netting & dense pack in addition to attics.
– Urethane seals last 2-3X longer than belted rubber seals providing high production rates with less required maintenance.
– Stainless steel airlock plates create a virtually indestructible airlock.
– Hopper options to increase system capacity as beneficial with desired use

Just another DIY IDEA!
Do-It-Yourself portable insulation machine