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Market Capitalization
Market capitalization refers to the total dollar value of a company’s outstanding shares. This value is useful for determining a company’s worth or potential.

Cryptography alters data in such a way that it is not readable to person without the correct level of clearance to access the data.

Cryptocurrency address
An address in the context of cryptocurrency is an identifier which allows for transactions to be directed between the correct entities.

I think it’s worth pointing out here that while Bitcoin is anonymous to a point, where a transaction can not be traced back to our name, it is not fully anonymous.

Transactions can be traced back to a user’s address (identifier) which means that if someone were able to link that identifier to a particular person, then the anonymity of a group of transactions could be unraveled.

Many of the other cryptocurrencies on the market try to resolve this, as do many on our list below.

A masternode is a component in a cryptocurrency network which carries out a specific function. Hosting a masternode means that you will be rewarded in the particular cryptocurrency the masternode is a part of.

Darksend masks transactions, making it more difficult to trace transactions carried out using Dash.

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