Health and Safety in Our Homes

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Health and Safety in Our Homes

Scientific evidences demonstrate solid relations between housing and health. We are developing, testing, and implementing effective interventions that yield health benefits through improved housing quality.

Many factors influence health and safety in our homes, including structural and safety aspects of the home (how the home is designed, constructed, and maintained; its physical characteristics; and the presence or absence of safety devices); quality of indoor air; water quality; chemicals; the behavior of residents; and the house’s immediate surroundings. The link between these housing features and illness or injury is clear and compelling.

The structural and safety features of a house can increase risk for injuries, elevate blood lead levels, and exacerbate other conditions.

Poor indoor air quality contributes to cancers, cardiovascular disease, asthma, and other illnesses.

Poor water quality can lead to gastrointestinal illness and a range of other conditions, including neurological effects and cancer.

Some chemicals in and around the home can contribute to acute poisonings and other toxic effects.

All of these issues are influenced both by the physical environment of the home and by the behavior of the people living in the home.

The materials and products we use in 3D printing of homes contribute to ensuring living conditions that preserve the health of the present inhabitants and of the future generations.

We work on applying the demands that a residential building must meet in thermal, acoustic and lighting comfort, as well as the level of performance concerning the quality of water, pollution and protection of the environment, according to the Law 10/1995 concerning quality in constructions, with the consolidated version from 2007 that establishes the requirements to be observed in designing, executing and using buildings, complemented by normative act NP 057-02 – Normative act concerning the design of residential buildings.

We try hard to apply the mandatory requirements of quality that have to be met by the building during its entire life, as follows:
a) mechanical resistance and stability;
b) fire safety;
c) hygiene, health and environment;
d) safety of use;
e) protection against noise;
f) energy saving and thermal insulation.

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