Sustainable Housing by Additive Manufacturing

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Sustainable Housing by Additive Manufacturing

Sustainable buildings

SHAM – Sustainable Housing Additive Manufacturing

Our 3D House Printer is designed to print layer by layer construction of entire structures in a non-stop work session, starting from the foundation and ending on the top of the roof, using materials, such as: clay, bio plastic, concrete mix, mix of grinded rocks or sand held together with a liquid binding agent, fiber-reinforced concrete, etc.

Test Domes:
Φ1m / Surface area: 1.57 / Floor area: 0.77 / Circumference: 3.09
Φ2m / Surface area: 6.28 / Floor area: 3.09 / Circumference: 6.18
Φ3m / Surface area: 14.14 / Floor area: 6.95 / Circumference: 9.27

3d printed dome 3D Printed DOME Sizes
Φ4m (13ft) 3D Printed DOME > 12.5 sq.meters (135 sq.ft.)
Φ5m (16ft) 3D Printed DOME > 19.5 sq.meters (210 sq.ft.)
Φ6m (20ft) 3D Printed DOME > 28 sq.meters (300 sq.ft.)
Φ7m (24ft) 3D Printed DOME > 39 sq.meters (420 sq.ft.)
Φ8m (26ft) 3D Printed DOME > 50 sq.meters (540 sq.ft.)
Φ9m (30ft) 3D Printed DOME > 64 sq.meters (690 sq.ft.)
Φ10m (33ft) 3D Printed DOME > 79 sq.meters (850 sq.ft.)
Φ11m (36ft) 3D Printed DOME > 95 sq.meters (1,020 sq.ft.)
Φ13m (44ft) 3D Printed DOME > 133 sq.meters (1,430 sq.ft.)
Φ15m (49ft) 3D Printed DOME > 177 sq.meters (1,905 sq.ft.)
Φ18m (60ft) 3D Printed DOME > 254 sq.meters (2,740 sq.ft.)

Imprint3D Company aims to create 3d printed homes in Europe, Africa and the USA, by using local materials, such as: concrete mix, composite clay, sand, ceramics, etc.

We start 3d printing with materials patented by URBAN-INCERC Institute of Research and Development Iasi, Romania. First houses released will be DOME models.

Foundation type: lightweight, screwed with Krinner piles, fast mounting, affordable.