Imprint3D Future Projects

Innovation in Architecture, Construction, Real Estate and Transportation

Imprint3D Future Projects

Rapid 3D Printing of Sustainable and Affordable Homes

We consider that construction 3D printing by using composite clay and/or concrete mix is a way to revitalize the global construction sector. We aim to create 3d printed homes in Europe, Africa and the USA, by using local materials, such as: ecological concrete mix, clay, lime, composite clay, ceramics, etc.

Regarding materials, we partner with URBAN-INCERC Institute of Research & Development Iasi, Romania. We started to design and develop big 3D printers for construction and for automotive industry. Regarding 3D printing development, we partner with Ludor Engineering, an experienced company in the field. First 3D printed houses released will be DOME models. Read more >

EVoyaj – 3D Printed Solar Electric City Car Project

An Open Source Project. Type of Car Proposed: EVoyaj V1 15KW 90Kmh; Quadri-mobile type: L7e-C; Maximum power ≤ 16 kW; Maximum design speed ≤ 90 km/h; Weight = 550 kg unladen; 2 non-straddle seats; 4 Wheels. Read more >