Innovation in Architecture, Construction, Real Estate and Transportation


Industries we work in conjunction with 3D Printing

imprint3d Architecture & Design – We explore new architectural shapes and design styles; through our DesignVAST Big 3D Printer we are testing new construction materials and structures. Our versatile robotic RoboVAST 3D printer will build affordable houses, from simple to very complex shapes.

3D printed house1Construction – Research & Development of new construction materials applied in conjunction with 3D printing of houses and commercial buildings; we develop complete technical packages that allows the customers to build large size 3D printers for house building.

evoyajAutomotive & Manufacturing – We design, test and manufacture big robotic 3D printers, and also develop complete technical packages that allow our customers to build large size 3D printers for automotive and manufacturing industries.

Our main activities related to the 3D printer operation are:

– equipment;
– design;
– engineering;
– sourcing of necessary parts and materials;
– development of the software.

Products and services:

– Selling the technical package to clients who want to build the 3D printer;
– Selling technical assistance for the production and operation of the 3D printer;
– Customization of the 3D printer design according to clients requirements;
– Design new products as a service for customers;
– Sourcing and acquisition services and/or assistance regarding the parts and materials needed to build the 3D printer;
– Consultancy regarding 3D printing of houses.

In order to cut the costs, the company outsources a part of the activities, mainly engineering and software development. The outsourcing is carefully planned by the company’s team in order to ensure cost efficiency, proprietary data protection, best subcontractors selection and the quality of results. Our project managers closely monitor and verify the subcontractors.