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Micro Factories

About Micro Factories

Microfactory refers to a small dimension factory able to manufacture goods. The term was proposed by the ME Laboratory of Japan in 1990. A Microfactory saves great amount of resources like space, energy, materials and time. Due to their reduced dimensions, Microfactories use local workforce, serves community creating jobs, and also can be highly automated, in our case with 3D printers and technology.

We are designing and building next generation 3D Printed MicroFactory to fabricate 3D printed car components, such as chassis and body. We wont replace human workforce with robots, instead we will have enough jobs created for people involved in finishing and assembling our cars or building our 3D printed homes.

Right now we use Smarthome technology for building passive homes and small production halls, but next generation of houses and microfactories will be:
Automotive Manufacturing 3D Printed MicroFactory: for manufacturing 3D printed and hand finished cars.
House Building Site, MicroFactory & MobileFactory: for building 3D printed homes and buildings.


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