Mission and Vision

Innovation in Architecture, Construction, Real Estate and Transportation

Mission and Vision

We believe that 3D printing is the beginning of a third industrial move, succeeding but not replacing the production line assembly that dominated manufacturing for centuries!

Using the power of the Internet and CAD programs, it is possible to send a blueprint of any product to any place in the world to be replicated by a 3D printer capable of being combined into many material substances of almost any designed form.

We will start printing small auto parts, then grow to printing our EVoyaj city car.
3D Printing

– Electro and solar mobility as partial solution to environmental problems;
– Dematerialization: Manufacturing 3D printed cars that use less material and energy;
– Safety: A stronger, reinforced, lightweight vehicle means less wear on roads and fewer accident fatalities;
– Open Source: Vehicles designed by small international teams, reducing costs, time, and enhance quality;
– Micro Factories: Vehicles built by smaller local teams, also reducing costs, time, and enhance quality.

Your knowledge, contribution and feedback in the field is deeply appreciated! Feel free to leave a 3D printing idea or experience below. Thank you!