Power Train

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Power Train

4-Seats Open Source Platform:

4-Seat EVoyaj PlatformPowertrain: Electric
Use cases: Urban, Off-Road, Emerging Countries
Vehicle category: L6e, L7e, M1 possible

– Length: 2370 mm
– Wheelbase: 1665 mm
– Width: 1480 mm
Batteries: LiFePO4

Download STP file for 4-seat-drivetrain 45,106 Kb

2-Seats Open Source Platform:

2-Seat EVoyaj PlatformPowertrain: Electric
Use cases: Mainly Urban
Category: L6e, L7e

– Wheelbase: 1700 mm
– Wheel track: 1160 mm
Batteries: Li-ion

Download STP file for 2-seat-drivetrain 20,772 Kb

OSVehicle platform for EVoyaj

What is included in the OS Platform:

Frame (Chassis)
Suspension system (Front & Rear)
Steering system
Braking system
Basic controls
Cabling (CAN bus)
Wheels, rims, and tires (15′)

To be decided and designed:

Batteries (must be ordered directly from the manufacturer)
BMS (Battery Management System)
In-wheel hub motor
Motor controller
DC-DC Converter
Battery Charger