Innovation in Architecture, Construction, Real Estate and Transportation


Machinery for House Construction

Manufactured by Austrocasa International Srl & Imprint Tech Ltd.
– Pneumatic Assembling Table for Wooden House Walls and Panels
– Hydraulic Butterfly-Type Wood Panel Assembling Machine
– Cellulose Insulation Blowing Machines
– CNC Foam Cutting Machine (for EPS, XPS)
– CNC Metal Cutting Machine
– EcoPower Fast Starting Wind Turbines

Big 3D Printers:

Products –> Manufacturing 3D Printers

– DesignVAST 3D Printer – architectural models, testing materials, prototyping
– RoboVAST 3D Printer – robotic 3D printer for building sustainable houses
– MakeVAST 3D Printer – 3D printing spare parts and industrial components

3D printed products by DesignVAST

(print area 2800x1400x1400mm)
– Architectural models
– Prefabricated parts of a building (walls, roofing, siding, panels, stairs, etc.)
– Structural components for buildings
– Home and garden furniture
– Ceramic and decorative art objects
– 3D printed lightnings
– Insulated concrete forms (ICFs) and formworks
– Different objects from recycled materials found on construction sites (on site sustainable waste management).

3D printed products by RoboVAST:

– Sustainable buildings and its components – walls, roofing, siding, panels, stairs – from concrete mix and clay
– Houses with amazing personalized design
– Biodegradable recyclabe beach cabins
– Biodegradable recyclabe emergency cabins
– Biodegradable recyclabe on site offices and storage rooms
– Sheds, garages and small houses, at very affordable prices
– Structural components of bridges and viaducts
– Prefabricated road ditches, sewer pits, etc.

MakeVAST 3D Printer

– Automotive parts
– Industrial machinery components
– Spare parts for 3D printers

Materials and Parts for 3D Printers

– Imprint3D Granule Extruder
– Granules for 3D Printing
– Fiberglass Rebar for 3D Printing
– Recycled Materials and Quick-dry Cement
– 3D Printable Cement for Structures