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Adapting a CNC Machine to 3D print concrete mix, clay, and recycled materials

VAST – Versatile Additive Systems & Technologies We are a team of motivated professionals operating a sustainable construction business using eco-friendly materials: wood, cellulose fiber, concrete mix, clay, and local recycled materials. Our VAST additive manufacturing technology allow our big printers to be adapted for turning easily from one to another of various 3D printing…
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EVoyaj Design

Contest | Library Type of Car Proposed EVoyaj V1 15KW 90Kmh (End of 2016) Quadri-mobile type: L7e-C Maximum power ≤ 16 kW Maximum design speed ≤ 90 km/h Weight = 550 kg unladen Enclosed passenger compartment Maximum 4 non-straddle seats 4 Wheels EVoyaj V2 48KW 120Kmh (2017) Passenger car type: M Maximum power ≤ 48…
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