Rapid 3D Printing of Sustainable Homes

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Rapid 3D Printing of Sustainable Homes

Sustainable buildings

Rapid 3D Printing of Sustainable and Affordable Homes

– Project’s Summary –

Presented by:
Teodor Miroslav Muntean, entrepreneur involved in small business management and consulting since 1990 and in sustainable building business by 3D printing since 2013.

We consider that construction 3D printing by using composite clay and/or concrete mix is a way to revitalize the global construction sector.
We aim to create 3d printed homes in Europe, Africa and the USA, by using local materials, such as: ecological concrete mix, clay, lime, composite clay, ceramics, etc.
Regarding materials, we partner with URBAN-INCERC Institute of Research & Development Iasi, Romania.
We started to design and develop big 3D printers for construction and for automotive industry. Regarding 3D printing development, we partner with Ludor Engineering, an experienced company in the field.
First 3D printed houses released will be DOME models.

Over 25 years experience in the development and construction of sustainable residential buildings; 3 years experience in 3D printing.

Imprint3D startup Company, formed by a team of enthusiast, motivated and experienced business people, provides the following:
1. Design & manufacture of construction and automotive 3D printers.
2. Sustainable housing using: wood, concrete, clay and local recycled materials.
3. Training and seminars in construction and 3D printing domains.

– The design and fabrication of big 3D printers for construction and automotive industry.
– Sustainable construction materials recipes.
– Trademarks: Imprint3D pending, Mopatel and Ecopierra.

We define our market as 3D printing sustainable construction and manufacturing.
– RESEARCH & MARKETS believes that as the global economy continues to recover, further demand can be expected for 3D printing and specifically that with concrete, leading to a market projected to be worth $56.4 million by 2021.
– CONTEXT is predicting that the total global market for 3D printers, 3D printing materials, 3D printer accessories and 3D printing services will grow from a $4.1 billion industry in 2015 to a $16.2 billion industry by the year 2020.

We compete with only few companies in the world that offer 3D printing in the construction market. The only companies directly involved in 3D printing construction and architecture worldwide we know in 2016: Contour Crafting, WinSun Global, WASP, DUS Architects, and Andrey Rudenko. WASP is partially involved in African projects, as we are, but in different areas of the continent and with different approach.
Our 3D printers and houses are different as we have developed special materials and also have a way to include built-in plumbing and electrical facilities, in one continuous process using large 3D printers that would notionally complete a medium size house in approximately 24 hours of “printing” time.
We have a competitive advantage through our very well established construction business, now connected to 3D printing. Also, besides design and manufacturing big 3D printers for construction sector, we already designed and are developing big 3D automotive printers, for cars and parts.
The global market is opened to this business and there is place for many more companies in the world.
By 3D printing our houses will cost under 50% of the regular market prices of standard houses.

Distribution Channels:
Distribution channels we will use to deliver our product and services to our target markets: company’s website, crowdfunding platforms, direct sales, word of mouth marketing, partners.

Focusing on our business objectives, we develop and implement robust risk management strategies. The opportunity is enormous as 3D printing in construction market is at its beginning.

– Own funds for finishing our big 3d printer, in order to test compositionally and structurally different construction materials: clay, ceramics, concrete.
– For developing the mobile rotary 3d construction printer: US interested angel investor.
– For further development: own funds, crowdfunding platforms and angel investors.

– AUSTROCASA INTERNATIONAL – Building sustainable homes since 2003.
– IMPRINT3D – Startup, created in 2013

– URBAN-INCERC Institute of Materials Research & Development Iasi, RO
– LUDOR ENGINEERING – Industrial Design & Engineering, Iasi, RO
– MOPATEL PROIECT – Production of Eco-friendly Concrete
– AUSTROCASA GAMBIA HOMES – Building Sustainable Houses in the Gambia and Senegal.

Land Providing Partners for 3D printed Homes:
For developing small residential 3D printed districts in emergent countries: local authorities and/or businesses to provide the land and infrastructure, we provide the construction 3D printer and build 3D printed domes and houses.
– Own land in Iasi, Romania Country.
– Sintet Village, Foni Jaroll District, The Gambia.

Management Team:
   Teodor Miroslav Muntean, Project Manager
   Bogdan Muntean, Marketing Director
   Constantin Miron, Construction Materials Specialist
   Doru Cantemir, 3D Printing Engineer
   Ioan Hossu, Construction Engineer
   Daniel Boicu, Electronics Automotive Engineer