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Re-Therm®, an insulation of the latest generation

re-therm • Re-Therm is an easy and durable heat insulator, does not create extra weight for insulation of structures. Re-Therm coating thickness is only 1mm.
• The absorption of water in the insulation is not more than 10% of the total volume of the material: changes in thermal insulation properties of the material due to minor changes of composition can be neglected.
• The Re-Therm coating is extremely flexible – elongation at break of 10%.

Top thermal and acoustic insulation with Re-Therm®, a nanotechnology-based material with superior physical properties. Initially used for sound and thermal insulation of spacecraft, we now use it to build comfortable apartment blocks with a higher degree of insulation. Due to its unique properties of materials Re-Therm® has a significant effect of energy saving at a thickness of 1 mm! The material have a liquid consistency and can be applied to surfaces of any shape and composition using painting tools – brush, roller, spray pressure.