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We will use Paulownia tree for generating thermal and electric energy and for building houses starting from Year 8. If there is a tree which is called – “lungs of the city” – it is Paulownia. The Paulownia tree is great for the environment surrounding, as each tree removes 21.7 kg of CO2 and it releases about 5.9 kg of oxygen per day. With its large, hairy leaves Paulownia plays a very useful role in the purification of dust and smoke, also prevents erosion and enriches the soil with humus. Fire resistance is a feature of all Paulownia, ignition temperature is 420 to 430 degree Celsius as compared to average hardwood at 220 to 225 degree Celsius. Thermal conductivity of Paulownia is very low thus giving it excellent heat/cool insulation properties.

We will be adding value to Paulownia tree in construction industry for producing, using and selling: dimensional lumber, fine lumber, plywood, doors & windows, oriented strand board (OSB), siding, log homes, paneling, crown molding, fiber board, wood pulp, wood shavings for insulation, pellet for eco heating, etc.

We will use drones to plant trees, as of:
• Fast precision planting (planting frequency less than 6 seconds).
• High accuracy planting mechanism allows for optimum spacing of trees.
• High resolution aerial mapping provides accurate health analysis via machine learning.

This Project must be implemented first in Iasi, Romania and next we will be able to develop more similar projects in different near big cities in Romania or other countries of European Union, UK, and Africa (where we already have branches opened or business partners).

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