Screws for Clay Printhead

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Screws for Clay Printhead

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The three left hand screws can be used in the WASP printhead. First two are standard roofing screws. The third one along is a masonry drill bit (with the end cut off) and I was interested to see if it could cope with rough clay that it has but I have not used it for long to see how it wares. Interesting it has a double thread to it. All these screws fit snug into the nylon housing that carries them.

Someone asked where I get the screw from that is down the centre. I grind it out of the screw/bolt to its right that I get from a local builders merchant. The blade of my angle grinder is just the width of the thread so I grind and turn, grind and turn – no smart machinery in my studio.

Meant to say in my previous post that by taping the end of the nylon barrel, the body of the extruder to a standard 1/4 inch thread it will take the Luerlock fitment (right) but other glue gun ends as well for fatter extrusions – cut to desired size.