Selective Laser Melting Technology

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Selective Laser Melting Technology

EP-M250 SLM 3D Printer

EP-M250 SLM 3D PrinterSelective Laser Melting technology (SLM)
Using the low power laser can directly melt elemental or alloy metal powder material, and can prototype an arbitrary complex structure and close to 100% density metal parts without cutter or tooling.

Material utilization rate is high, making cost lower
The build part forms layer after layer out of powder, and the material utilization rate is over 90%, which is especially suitable for the manufacturing of metal parts, such as titanium alloy, nickel alloy and other precious and difficult-processed metal material.

Model: EP-M250
Laser power: 200W/400W
Scanning system: High resolution scanning galvanometer
Scanning speed: 8m/s
Building size: 250mm*250mm*300mm
Layer thickness: 0.02mm-0.1mm
Print Technology:Selective Laser Melting
Material: Stainless steel, Cobalt chromium alloy, Aluminium alloy, Titanium alloy and High temperature Nickel base alloy
Operating system: Windows 7
Control software: Eplus 3D printing software
Data format: STL or other convertible file
Power consumable: 380V 6kw
Dimension(MM: 2500(L)*1000(W)*2100(H)
Work temperature: 15-30℃.