Innovation in Architecture, Construction, Real Estate and Transportation

We Provide 3D Printing Services

We provide a wide range of services, from 3D printed houses design, design and engineering of 3D printed objects, installation, commissioning and maintenance of 3D printers to 3D printing of houses and other items.

The implementation of 3D printed prototyping has reduced the cycle time for each design iteration, so reducing drastically time-to-market. We provide full-scale functionality in prototyping, eliminating the need to scale down or print multiple parts that require assembly.

Building Sustainable Homes: Passive, Modular & 3D Printed
Imprint 3D, part of Austrocasa International Group, offers high quality 3D printed homes, as well as new sustainable building and manufacturing technologies: design, manufacturing and development of VAST (Versatile Additive Systems & Technologies) 3D printing systems, devices and accessories.

We provide training for people interested in making most of the 3D printing in their activity: operators, architects, designers, developers, entrepreneurs etc. Our approach combines hands-on labs, classroom training and on-line webinars with a customised curricula developed by experts in architecture, design, construction, engineering, 3D printing, and material sciences.

We provide consultancy on 3D Printing, especially regarding its implementation in terms of design, equipment, process and materials. Our experts work with clients to find the best way to use 3D printing technology in their specific projects.