Smart Environs Project

Innovation in Architecture, Construction, Real Estate and Transportation

Problems Worth Solving

– High costs of building traditionally;
– High prices for hard selling traditional apartments and houses;
– Massive waste of materials on sites;
– High cost of qualified and disciplined workforce;
– Too large number of workers on construction sites;
– Actually limited design and scarce accuracy dimensions in the execution.

The Solution: Smart Environs Concept

Today, the world has not only gotten so much smaller, but new worlds are opening up–new fields and new paradigms, converging and forming VAST new avenues for collaboration. Such intersections can bring challenge into traditional patterns and long-held attitudes. The situations that businesses face today are multidisciplinary, and thus require multi– and interdisciplinary solutions. Few years ago, who would think that construction and 3D printing could go together? But they do, so 3D printing principles have somehow integrated with engineering principles and helped building designers figure out a way to make the three-dimensional habitats. On the other hand, artificial intelligence, robotization, new materials based on nanotechnology, and CLT (xLam) systems made high buildings more safe, reliable and green.

We present SMART ENVIRONS – A Multidisciplinary Interrelated Business Concept, including: Construction, Real Estate, Engineering & VAST (Versatile Advanced Smart TechnologiesTM). We use technology in construction to make life and business much enjoyable.

Smart Environs Concept

– Higher comfort at affordable prices;
– Substantial savings on energy bills;
– Smart Apartments, including built-in home automation and security (IoT).

– A larger selection of building shapes, constructed with high accuracy and quality;
– Faster and more efficient construction;
– Close to zero waste of materials;
– 3D printers for construction (we work on the first prototype – DesignVAST;
– ESSS Program = Employees & Subcontractor Supervision & Safety.