Sustainable Buildings

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Sustainable Buildings

Sustainable buildings

Austrocasa International

– We own a sustainable building company of passive and energy efficient homes in Iasi, Romania, and have the appropriate team and know-how to apply sustainable building solutions.

Our project refers to construction of energy efficient green buildings including multidisciplinary sectors – from planting trees for raw materials and clean energy sources to manufacturing structure and architecture elements and building effective new ecological neighborhoods, by using new and advanced technologies, such as:
– robotics, computer-aided design, 3D printing, xLam technology, and green energy systems;
– also taking into deep consideration the safety of inhabitants, environment protection, and the research and development of new and recyclable materials.

Our energy independent buildings placed in the “GreenIASI Residence” areas will balance safety, cutting edge technology, alternative energy features, and a healthy atmosphere for all residents. These buildings will be placed as clean, quiet and green oasis near a noisy urban area and will be provided with high levels of technology, at a very competitive price.

We use xLam technology to construct sustainable office and residential buildings. We construct these high buildings by using new xLam technology, more secure and more sustainable than any other types of high building in the world!

Sustainable buildings

Buy BTL tokens and become the owner of apartments in our sustainable high technology buildings!

BTL owners will be able to buy a modern apartment in a new passive building with at least 25% discount!

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