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3D Printed Car’s Body

The 1/4 replica prototype of EVoyaj car will be printed in our old Microfactory. Full size prototype will be printed in cooperation with one of the big 3D printers manufacturers. Small series production cars will be 3D printed, finished and assembled in our new Microfactory, built with “Builder’s 3D Printer”.

EVoyaj Production

OSA Crowdfunding – Open Source Alternative (OSA) Crowdfunding, plus our own funds. OSA Micro Production We offer small businesses Open Source Alternative Micro Production to expensive traditional mass production. – Micro Production in the Micro Factory of Imprint Tech, Iasi, RO; 2016-2017. – 3D-printed body and related parts, handmade finishing and assembling. – With the…
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EVoyaj Concept

Concept of EVoyaj – Dematerialized, 3D Printed Solar Electric Modular Car NOT SO: BUT SO: Image Courtesy of Local Motors

Automotive 3D Printing

3D Printing of Automotive Parts, Chassis and Mini Cars Design and images courtesy of Victor Ragusila, University of Toronto, Canada Images below are only for your view and enjoy the eyes but the final design pictures and renderings will be posted as the design of the car is developed.