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Sustainable buildings

Sustainable Housing by Additive Manufacturing

SHAM – Sustainable Housing Additive Manufacturing Our 3D House Printer is designed to print layer by layer construction of entire structures in a non-stop work session, starting from the foundation and ending on the top of the roof, using materials, such as: clay, bio plastic, concrete mix, mix of grinded rocks or sand held together…
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First 3D Printed House

First 3D Printed House Project -Coming soon!

House Builder’s 3D Printer S-6044-L

Construction area: 3,5x8x1-2.5m Material: Concrete mix Printer BauPrint S-6044 Long – model S series, developed on the basis of S-6044 printer with a larger working area, which allows to print various concrete elements for residential homes and any small form up to 36 cubic meters. CHARACTERISTICS: • The S-6044 Long – small-format printer, developed on…
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Construction 3D Printing

Actual Project We are developing Imprint3D Builder’s 3D printer for fast house erecting on construction sites. Besides building 3D printed houses, Microfactories for our partners will be build by using our Imprint3D large format printers which allow to print the concrete buildings of about 280 cubic meters. The 3D printer is installed directly on the…
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