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Innovation in Architecture, Construction, Real Estate and Transportation

Adapting a CNC Machine to 3D print concrete mix, clay, and recycled materials

VAST – Versatile Additive Systems & Technologies We are a team of motivated professionals operating a sustainable construction business using eco-friendly materials: wood, cellulose fiber, concrete mix, clay, and local recycled materials. Our VAST additive manufacturing technology allow our big printers to be adapted for turning easily from one to another of various 3D printing…
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Robotic Arm 3D Printers Are Cool

Robotic arm 3D printers are cool. Really cool. Instead of printing within a box, they can build towering structures. They also aren’t limited to the layer-by-layer approach of the average consumer printer; they’re freeform. They’re common in manufacturing, but why aren’t there any available to the average 3D printer user? Few experts offered up their…
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Imprint3D-5500 House Builder

Imprint3D-5500 House Builder – Small and medium size fast house construction. – Height: 2-story houses and commercial buildings. – Print area: from 5×5 = 25 m2 up to hundred meters of inline houses.

EcoPower Fast Starting Wind Turbines

We design and fabricate fast starting wind turbines EcoPower Wind Turbines We manufacture these high efficiency wind turbines based on powerful Neodymium magnets, and assemble hybrid systems, by offering 25 years warranty for each system sold and mounted. Turbines can be designed and manufactured at different powers and voltages, and can be used for on-grid…
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Cellulose Insulation Blowing Machines

We fabricate machines for blowing the cellulose fiber under pressure. These machines can be sold or lease for companies that use cellulose fiber to insulate the houses they build. The cellulose fiber seems to be the future insulation material, as it is very efficient thermal and sound insulating material, ecological, renewable, environment saving and fire…
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Imprint3D-i3 225x280x200

Imprint3D-i3 225x280x200 Sixth Generation Prusa i3 – Auto Leveling & Height Detection – Print area (X Y Z): 225x280x200mm – XY Axis Positioning Accuracy: 0.012mm – Z Axis Positioning Accuracy: 0.004 mm – Print Precision: 0.1-0.4mm – Layer Resolution: 100 Microns – Print Speed: 100mm/s – LCD Screen: Yes – Nozzle Diameter: 0.4 mm (Customized…
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Imprint3D-L 420x420x420

Imprint3D-L 420x420x420 Third Generation BuilderBot RepRap The Builders Dream: 2 in 1 > 3D printing and CNC milling machine! Characteristics: – Large printing area: 420x420x420 mm – Accuracy: 50 micron Z / 20 micron XY – Extruder: 2 x E3DV6 Lite – Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm EXT 1 / 0.4mm EXT 2 – Filaments: 1.75mm –…
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Imprint3D-1000 Multiprint

Versatile Imprint3D-1000 Multiprint Developed for multi-material 3D printing: automotive parts, mechanical parts and accessories. Print size ( X Y Z ): 1000 MM X 800 MM X 1000 MM The Layer Thickness : 0.05mm to 0.2mm Layer Resolution : 50 microns to 250 microns Chasis : Aluminum, CNC high precision cut Printing Filament : PLA,…
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Next 3D Printers

Step 1 – Imprint3D DOME 3D Printer Link: http://www.imprint3d.eu/printers/ Details: We have composite clay recipes already; after finishing manufacturing of our mobile printer, we will test again by printing different shapes and building small 3D printed Domes. Step 2 – 3D Printed Residential and Social Homes and Domes Link: http://gambia.austrocasa.ro Details: Project developed in partnership…
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3D Printers – Future Development

Professional 3D Printers S Series 3D Printers: – Imprint3D-S500 CNC Kit Industrial 3D Printers: L Series 3D Printers: – Imprint3D-L755 CNC Multiprint – Imprint3D-L1000 Brick Builder XL Series 3D Printers: – Imprint3D-XL2000 Industrial – Imprint3D-XL3000 Automotive XXL Series 3D Printers: – Imprint3D-XXL5000 Builder – Imprint3D-XXL Ø8000 Mobile Builder Construction 3D Printer variable: House Builder’s 3D…
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