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Innovation in Architecture, Construction, Real Estate and Transportation

RoboVAST 3D Printer for House Building Project

Model 1 – Based on Kuka Robot Model 2 – Based on Maeda Mobile Crane Maeda are the smallest cranes in the range get into almost impossible places and uses. They are slender enough to fit through a standard doorway of a house, have enough power to complete heavy lifts, while retaining excellent maneuverability and…
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Sustainable buildings

Rapid 3D Printing of Sustainable Homes

Rapid 3D Printing of Sustainable and Affordable Homes – Project’s Summary – Presented by: Teodor Miroslav Muntean, entrepreneur involved in small business management and consulting since 1990 and in sustainable building business by 3D printing since 2013. Description: We consider that construction 3D printing by using composite clay and/or concrete mix is a way to…
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Could 3D Printing be the Future of Earthquake-Proof Building?

Architecture is tapping into 3D printing technology in a major way through the production of building elements and structural components. Recent developments have also begun to work on creating seismically resistant structures. California-based architecture firm Emerging Objects has developed a design called the Quake Column, which draws on the ancient Incan building technique known as…
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3D-Printing Earthquake-Proof Towns, Brick by Brick

The looping path returns again and again, tracing precise geometric patterns. Some fall back on the shapes that preceded them, as if being woven together; others accrete to form new layers. Eventually, an object emerges – a tabletop vase, a piece of avant-garde furniture, sometimes an entire building. Designers Ronald Rael at the University of…
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Cal-Earth’s Eco Dome Architecture

Driving through a suburb of Boston, listening to Studio 360 on NPR discuss the environmental, safety and economic advantages of these eco-dome houses, I thought: “Sure, those are great in the California desert which already resembles a planet from Star Wars, but could homes like this (which I must say, appear really quite livable) ever…
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Sustainability and Tradition

In general, the communities of the present are either the followers of the rural communities that have existed for centuries in Romania, or communities created as a result of the displacement of a great part of the rural population towards urban areas, during the excessive industrialization of the 1950-1990 period. In both cases, the basis…
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Using Local Resources

According to EU regulation, for the category of traditional products of extended use, such as wood, natural aggregates, natural stone, limestone, mineral wool, whose importance and value could not be ignored by the modernist trend of the last decades of constructions, there are harmonized European standards for each product which apply to the known EC…
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Health and Safety in Our Homes

Scientific evidences demonstrate solid relations between housing and health. We are developing, testing, and implementing effective interventions that yield health benefits through improved housing quality. Many factors influence health and safety in our homes, including structural and safety aspects of the home (how the home is designed, constructed, and maintained; its physical characteristics; and the…
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Zortrax 3D Printed Robot Arm

Create Your Own Robotic Arm Zortrax Company based in Poland, released the STL files to print your own robotic arm. Download Zortrax Robotic Arm Free Manual and create model that rocks: https://zortrax.com/free-robotic-arm-files/ New version of the Zortrax Robotic Arm: http://library.zortrax.com/project/zortrax-robotic-arm/#!parentId=124 The model of Robotic Arm presented here is a pick and place device, that could…
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