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Imprint3D-L 420x420x420

Imprint3D-L 420x420x420 Third Generation BuilderBot RepRap The Builders Dream: 2 in 1 > 3D printing and CNC milling machine! Characteristics: – Large printing area: 420x420x420 mm – Accuracy: 50 micron Z / 20 micron XY – Extruder: 2 x E3DV6 Lite – Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm EXT 1 / 0.4mm EXT 2 – Filaments: 1.75mm –…
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3D Printing with Inserts

Advanced processes in 3D printing, such as inserts, core modeling, and multiple materials, can expand the capabilities of a 3D printer. Incorporating non-printed elements, such as fasteners, electronics, switches, sensors, or even metal substructures, into a printed part expands the spectrum of usability—resulting in fully functional models and prototypes. 3D Printing with inserts is a…
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Imprint3D-1000 Multiprint

Versatile Imprint3D-1000 Multiprint Developed for multi-material 3D printing: automotive parts, mechanical parts and accessories. Print size ( X Y Z ): 1000 MM X 800 MM X 1000 MM The Layer Thickness : 0.05mm to 0.2mm Layer Resolution : 50 microns to 250 microns Chasis : Aluminum, CNC high precision cut Printing Filament : PLA,…
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Materials for Construction 3D Printing

Clay 3D printing is an art form that for designers, architects and hobbyists to create art and functional objects. There are the designers who create unique artistic forms which could not be created by any other means, by printing in clay, ceramics and composite materials. Cob – a composite material, a mixture of clay, sand,…
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First 3D Printed House

First 3D Printed House Project -Coming soon!

Contest Preregistration

Final Registration before starting the Contest will be on GrabCAD site but you can express your intention here also. Thank you.

Tools and Machinery Manufacturing

Through one of Austrocasa International Group’s company, we are manufacturing machinery for timber frame house walls assembling. Fixed tables are pneumatically driven, easy to use. The butterfly type are complex, semi-automatic, hydraulic and pneumatic systems. These machines and equipment – fixed and butterfly – can be used both for assembling framing type walls for wooden…
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Our Partners

Investor Partner Smart Concept Partners – FR Technology products and mobile apps Software Partner Technical Faculty of Iasi, Romania Construction Faculty of Cluj, Romania Dealers Xpert Business Connect, BE Bindow Tancaments – ES Architects & Structural Engineers Arch. Alexandra Prajan, BE University of Cluj-Napoca, RO University of Iasi, RO

3D Printed Car’s Body

The 1/4 replica prototype of EVoyaj car will be printed in our old Microfactory. Full size prototype will be printed in cooperation with one of the big 3D printers manufacturers. Small series production cars will be 3D printed, finished and assembled in our new Microfactory, built with “Builder’s 3D Printer”.


Recommended for the prototype and urban car type: 8000W Posibble variants: 2 X 8000W 4 X 8000W Recommended for the powerful car types (sport, roadster, long range EVoyaj voyager car!): 12000W 4 x 12000W