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Recommended for the prototype and urban car type: 8000W Posibble variants: 2 X 8000W 4 X 8000W Recommended for the powerful car types (sport, roadster, long range EVoyaj voyager car!): 12000W 4 x 12000W

Power Train

4-Seats Open Source Platform: Powertrain: Electric Use cases: Urban, Off-Road, Emerging Countries Vehicle category: L6e, L7e, M1 possible Dimensions: – Length: 2370 mm – Wheelbase: 1665 mm – Width: 1480 mm Batteries: LiFePO4 Download STP file for 4-seat-drivetrain 45,106 Kb 2-Seats Open Source Platform: Powertrain: Electric Use cases: Mainly Urban Category: L6e, L7e Dimensions: –…
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Parts Idea Design

Number of Parts Challenge: Up to 40 ! [robo-gallery id=”466″]

Body Idea Library

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EVoyaj Design Contest

Design Contest will be held in partnership with GrabCAD. In few days we will publish there contest details. Design guidelines here! Prizes of EVoyaj Design Contest All Prizes win a GrabCAD T-shirt, and their names and links published on the Home page and on Our Partners page. Grand Prize: Full size 3D-printed car when small…
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Car Idea Library

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EVoyaj Production

OSA Crowdfunding – Open Source Alternative (OSA) Crowdfunding, plus our own funds. OSA Micro Production We offer small businesses Open Source Alternative Micro Production to expensive traditional mass production. – Micro Production in the Micro Factory of Imprint Tech, Iasi, RO; 2016-2017. – 3D-printed body and related parts, handmade finishing and assembling. – With the…
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EVoyaj Prototype

Prototype – Final modeling: interior and exterior combined – Full 3d printed car 3d printing and components assembling 1) 3D Printing 2) Part Finishing 3) Car Assembly – Team’s approval of the final model – Safety Tests – Driving Test Street-Legal Vehicle – Applying and getting legal approval in European Union.

EVoyaj Design

Contest | Library Type of Car Proposed EVoyaj V1 15KW 90Kmh (End of 2016) Quadri-mobile type: L7e-C Maximum power ≤ 16 kW Maximum design speed ≤ 90 km/h Weight = 550 kg unladen Enclosed passenger compartment Maximum 4 non-straddle seats 4 Wheels EVoyaj V2 48KW 120Kmh (2017) Passenger car type: M Maximum power ≤ 48…
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EVoyaj Concept

Concept of EVoyaj – Dematerialized, 3D Printed Solar Electric Modular Car NOT SO: BUT SO: Image Courtesy of Local Motors