Innovation in Architecture, Construction, Real Estate and Transportation

Technologies Applied to Construction, Real Estate & Transportation

    VAST – Versatile Advanced Smart TechnologiesTM including:
    – DesignVAST 3D Printer Prototype for Architecture & Automotive Industries
    – RoboVAST 3D Printer for Construction & Real Estate Industries
    AIAI – – IoT, AI & ML Applications in Construction
    ESSS – Employees & Subcontractor Supervision & SafetyTM
    CLT (X-Lam) – Cross Laminated Timber Applied to High Buildings
    Re-Therm® – The Insulation of the Latest Generation Based on Nanotechnology

Our enterprise is focused on the development and delivery of sustainable construction, by applying technologies to residential neighbourhoods and commercial buildings. We comprise sustainable construction, including residential neighborhoods with close to zero energy and modern high-tech edifices, using X-Lam, 3D printing, materials with nanotechnologies, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which represents the Company’s underlying philosophy of providing products and services which are consistently recognized as ultra-high quality at competitive prices and which provide complete satisfaction to the end user. Additionally, the Company strives to provide its residential buildings construction in a manner which reflects the Company’s belief in the importance of customer satisfaction and increasing sales through innovative product and service improvements and the introduction of additional products and services with the most advanced technologies.