Why to choose our ICO(s)?

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Why to choose our ICO(s)?

Bitleu – Your future in secure ICO investments

1. Regulatory Oversight

We all know that at this time (January 2018), most ICOs are not bound by any legal requirements to issue any form of legal documentation. In the form of a white paper is often conceived by the developing team to outline key information of the project, but there is no standard for an ICO whitepaper. As part of the mandatory requirement to register with the regulatory authority, a legal document – called Prospectus – is created by our company, the same as any company does when looking to issue an IPO. The Prospectus represents a legal declaration of our intention to issue real Tokens = Shares to the public. Our Prospectus meets the UK standards of transparency, and it includes key information about our company and our upcoming ICOs. In this way we assist potential investors in making an informed decision.

2. Track Record & Credibility

Most ICOs do not require adherence to any regulatory framework and legal protocol and do not have a track record. While some have a working prototype, most projects only have a conceptual framework manifested through their white paper. This makes assessing their fundamentals almost impossible, If you choose to invest in such ICO, your due diligence is focused towards the project’s future expectations rather than its past history since there’s none. However, you can extract some form of credibility by looking at the project developers’ experience or renowned individuals backing the project, but you can never actually know whether the project will work. We will fulfill requirements before listing out tokens through our first ICO. Also, our company and the partner companies have earnings threshold and a good track record. In addition, most our companies that provide assets to the Bitleu ICOs have done rigorous due diligence on the viability of the business.

3. Utility

The shares (tokens) acquired through our ICOs represents an ownership stake on the future earnings on the company. The utility of holding our tokens (stock or share) is the entitlement of you as shareholder in receiving dividends and having a vote in the shareholders meeting. Also, our coin generates value by conferring a stake in the future revenue of the projects and equates its value to usage within its ecosystem; the more adoption the BTL coin gets, the higher its value will be.

4. Duration of Offerings

The same as a traditional IPO issuance, our token issuance is a long-term (approx. 4-5 months), due to the requirement of legal and compliance processes. Also, the length of the crowdsale is dependent on reaching the maximum hard cap, or a fixed sale duration.

5. Access to Offerings

Our ICOs are allocated to institutional and retail investors, thus anyone can participate in our ICO. All you need is the base currency of Bitleu or Bitcoin and you can convert them into our ICO token. This democratization is a huge appeal to many, since it gives “power back to the people” instead of a close-knit club of elites.

What the Future Holds

Although ICOs aren’t currently regulated, many governments are taking a closer look. It’s only a matter of time before regulatory constraints are set-up to supervise the industry. For now, the best way for investors to protect themselves is through performing intensive due diligence before investing in an ICO. We are among the first companies that have ICO regulated in the UK through London Blockchain Exchange Ltd. Fintech Company.

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