Zortrax 3D Printed Robot Arm

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Zortrax 3D Printed Robot Arm

zortrax robot 3d printerCreate Your Own Robotic Arm
Zortrax Company based in Poland, released the STL files to print your own robotic arm.

Download Zortrax Robotic Arm Free Manual and create model that rocks: https://zortrax.com/free-robotic-arm-files/

New version of the Zortrax Robotic Arm: http://library.zortrax.com/project/zortrax-robotic-arm/#!parentId=124

The model of Robotic Arm presented here is a pick and place device, that could be applied to the production line to advance the efficiency of the process. Thanks to the three motors used as the mechanism, the device is able to lift parts that weigh up to 0,1 kg. Five axes allow the Robotic Arm to move on five different directions and guarantee that the device will reach the parts that are to be picked. The model presented here has a mounted grasper on its end, but it can be replaced by other tips, like sucker, electromagnet or a drill, according to desired purposes.

Assembly manual can be found at: http://www.zortrax.com/downloads/ROBOTIC_MANUAL.pdf
Dancing robot.gcode file can be found at:
Use 8mm steel balls in main bearing.

We recommend to use Z-ULTRAT to print this model. To get best resoults choose 0.14 layer thickness and light infill for bigger parts. We recommend to use Side Covers during print.

Electronics parts needed
• 12V Power supply (100W or more)
• 1x RAMPS 1.4 board with at least 3 Stepper motor controllers (stepsticks)
• 3x Nema 17 Stepper Motors
• 1 or 2 12V 40x40mm fans
• Wires and USB cable (used for 2D printers)

Installing electronics
1. Mount all motors on the robotic arm.
2. Connect all the motors to the motherboard. Colors of motor wires can vary depending on a motor model.
• X motor means lower horizontal motor
• Y motor means upper horizontal motor
• Z motor means vertical motor
3. Place the motherboard in the compartment below the robotic arm.
4. Connect fan. You can connect 2 fans, just connect them in parallel. They need to fan on your electronics
to prevent it from overheating.
5. Connect the power supply.

Programming the Electronics
1. Install Arduino Mega driver on your OS.
2. Upload firmware on RAMPS: Launch Arduino uploader and upload Marlin file from Marlin folder.
3. Download Pronterface – program for launching prints for 3D printers.
4. Launch Pronterface. Connect with your RAMPS.
5. Click Load File. Load Dancing robot.gcode file and click Print.

Variable Printable Robotic Arm by Andreas, similar to Zortrax: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:591230